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Our Products

PC Casing

From Full Tower, Mid Tower, Min Tower we got it all

Hard drives

Both Internal and External


We are your trusted supplier of all laptop brands

External Hard Drive casing

External HDD enclosures,SATA enclosures you name it

VGA Cable

standard 15-pin connector for computers and monitors with VGA ports

HDMI Cable

High Speed HDMI Cable

Laptop Power Cables

AC Adpater Chargers

SATA Cables

Connect SATA-HDD, SATA controller as well as SATA Flash memory.

Head phones

All types of Headsets and headphones

Aux Cables

Connects portable audio device, iPhone iPod iPad, MP3 Music player, Android smartphone tablet or PC desktop laptop with the common 3.5mm audio port to a TV, AV receiver, amplifier, projector, radio, car audio, stereo system, Hi Fi audio, computer sound, recording equipment, speaker and more.


Wired Game Cotroller,USB Flight Stick PC Joystick and many more

USB Cables

All types of USB cables

Phone Charger

Android, Apple you name it